Frank Markert

Workshop with Frank and Trillium

Friday 17. März to Monday 20. März 2023
➚ Community room Arche Nova, Guschstrasse 66, 8610 Uster.
10.00–17.00 with lunch break.
Friday und Saturday: Euro 200.-
Friday Saturday Sunday: Euro 300.-
Friday Saturday Sunday Monday: Euro 400.-
Saturday Sunday: Euro 200.-
Saturday Sunday Monday: Euro 300.-
Please bring the course fee exactly and in Euro on the first day of the course.

Workshop Orientation

This March 2023 seminar will build on the practice of ‘Prana Dynamics principles’ by now using what the training has brought to the ‘next level’ - learning how to utilise and apply its insights and discoveries experientially and practically to every-day life, healing and awakening.

Frank Markert will be joined by Trillium Seafyre, who is familiar with Prana Dynamics and Howard Huai Hsiang Wang’s teachings and approach. She has also trained energy awareness and internal arts with a number of other teachers and has cultivated extensive experience in meditation and exploration of consciousness states and its application to real day-to-day life.
(For more info on Trillium, please see ➚ Biography of Trillium Seafyre)

In this seminar, Frank and Trillium will
– give practical instructions and examples of how to infuse your Tai Chi forms with energy awareness - bringing the form ‘alive and full with Qi’ - from the Prana Dynamics principles of ‘rooting and antenna’, ‘inflation and deflation’, and so on
– explore and guide you how to - with clarity - tune to another person’s frequency and energy field; then merge and create a Oneness field between you
– show how to use this Oneness field to sense other peoples’ tensions and blockages
– demonstrate how to alter the frequency of such field with your intent, for the benefit of transmission of skills and for healing
– give in-depth understanding and answer specific questions on how to begin practices of selfhealing and how to start the journey of learning how to heal others
– guide and transmit how to become more familiar with different states of consciousness; how to evoke them ‘at will’; and how applying this understanding can greatly support the disidentification and dissolution of emotional and mental thought patterns

The size of the seminar is limited to 25 participants so that individual attention and consultation can be offered.
While there will be some review and refinement of the basics, this seminar is designed to take practice to the next level.
Nevertheless, beginners are welcome and well looked after. No one is left behind.

Those who have never practiced Prana Dynamics or energy work before may wish to participate in a preparatory 3-hour group practice held by Trillium the day before the seminar.
This introduction will take place on Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm at Hintergasse 8, 8335 Hittnau and costs EUR. 60.-
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